Southeast Texas
Home School Association


Monthly Newsletter - Businesses with a significant emphasis on homeschool curricula, services, resources, or ministries to homeschool families are encouraged to submit advertisements to be incorporated in this publication.

The Teaching Pioneer is published both to support groups & individuals in our region. The exact circulation cannot be calculated because many recipients represent an unknown number of families. However, it is estimated as being several hundred families.

Our online system is no longer available; so, all advertisements will need to be sent directly to our staff and payments handled directly with our office. Please call the SETHSA office for instructions and information for how to submit your advertisement.

Advertisements must be one of the following sizes:
Quarter Page (3.25"w x 4.75"h)$50.00
Business Card (3.25"w x 2.00"h)$30.00
Note: Before submitting an advertisement for the Teaching Pioneer, please review our Advertising Policy; all submissions must conform with these requirements to be accepted for our publication.