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Legalities of Home Schooling in Texas - In 1915, the Texas legislature passed the first compulsory attendance law, which is now a part of Section 21.033(a)(l) establishing that a school-aged child who was being educated in or through the child's home and in a bona fide manner by the parents...was considered a private school... In 1987, resulting from the Leeper vs. Arlington ISD court case, Texas became one of the most favorable states for home schoolers from a legal standpoint. Since then... "On November 27, 1991,...the Court of Appeals of Texas landmark decision protecting the rights of parents to home school their children throughout the state. This decision completely affirms a lower court decision by recognizing that home schools can legally operate as a private school in Texas if they have a written curriculum and teach reading, writing, spelling, math, and good citizenship..."

For more specific details regarding the legalities in home schooling we recommend contacting the following organizations:

Home School Legal Defense Association
Texas Home School Coalition

Both of these organizations monitor the laws & legislation proposals to protect our homeschooling rights. Both also provide special services to aide member families encountering legal issues related to their homeschools.