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    SETHSA is looking for volunteers who are willing to help with the bees; please contact the office for details!

Spelling Bee (2014): SETHSA is very pleased to be hosting both a Just-For-Fun and the homeschool-district Scripps-qualification Spelling Bees.

2014 SETHSA Just for Fun Bee & Spelling Bee
Date:February 15, 2014
Location: HEP Bookstore
11665 Fuqua Street, Suite A-100
Houston, Tx 77034

Registration for the Just for Fun Bee will begin at 9:30 am and the bee will start at 10 am. For the regular bee please be checked in by 10:30 am. We estimate the regular bee will begin between 10:45 and 11 am.

HEP has graciously offered their facilities to us free of charge. This really helps us out with expenses. Parking will be tight so please consolidate vehicles where you can.

We would like to make sure we have every winner's information so please email us ( your students name, address, parent's name, parent's phone #, grade, and age. This will allow us to double check our winner's roster. Also if you are just participating in the Just for Fun Bee please make sure we have your student's information as well.

The Just For Fun spelling bee is for K-2nd grade and will also be held on Feb 15th. This allows students a chance to participate and see what it's all about. This bee is just for homeschoolers and does not continue on to regional or national like the SETHSA bee winner does. If you would like to participate in the Just For Fun bee, you do not need to compete in a previous qualifying bee but we do need to know your student's information. If we only have a few participants, then the bee will be canceled.

If you are not a member of a support group you can still participate in the HEP Bookstore bee. For more information on that bee please call the store at (281) 922-0472.

To help in planning & preparing for participation in these Bees, the following information is being made available. Please continue to check back for any late updates.

Beginning with the 2010 bees, several rules were changed. Please carefully study the following information to ensure complete comprehension of the new process & qualifications.

All participants, except those entering only the JFF, must have competed & qualified in their Support Group Bee by the end-of-January deadline. Any homeschool students who do not belong to a support group that is planning a Bee should contact SETHSA; we will provide assistance in locating a group which will allow participation.

Spellers must qualify under the following requirements:

  • All spellers: K-8 participants must be currently attending a Home School and be at or below the 8th grade level;
  • All competitors must meet Scripp's qualifications requirements for age & class enrollment;
  • Just for Fun participants must be attending a Home School and be at or below the 3rd grade level.
  • All spellers: K-8 Bee must not have obtained a copy of the 2014 Classroom Pronouncer Guides for use with their studies.

The SETHSA Just For Fun (JFF) Bee:

  • Students in grades K - 2nd
  • Not participating in the Scripps Qualifying Bee
  • Qualified as top 2 winners from Support Group JFF Bee
  • Registered by January, 2014 deadline

Participants should prepare by studying SETHSA's JFF word lists. These guides will be the basis for our initial word choices. However, if more difficult words are required to escalate the elimination process or as a tie-breaker, words will be selected from the dictionary.

The SETHSA Regional Scripps Qualifying Bee:

  • Students in grades K - 8th
  • Not participating in the SETHSA JFF Bee
  • Scripps Rule: Student must not have reached his/her 15th birthday on or before August 31, 2013
  • Scripps Rule: Student must not have passed beyond the 8th grade on or before February 1, 2014
  • Scripps Rule: Student must not have completed or have been enrolled in more than 6 high school-level courses or 2 college-level courses on or before April 30, 2014
  • Qualified as top 2 winners & 1 alternate from Support Group Qualifying Bee
  • Registered by January, 2014 deadline

Once again this year, the Spell-It! books are available to assist students in studying and preparing for the type of words used in the Scripps competition. However, words from any source, including the dictionary, will be used. The purpose of this competition is to determine the individual student's ability to spell, not their ability to memorize lists.

As stated in the Spell-It booklet: The basic study-list words and the challenge words are typical of the words that will be used in most district- and regional-level spelling bees this year. In some highly competitive district and regional spelling bees, however, spellers remaining at the end of the contest will receive words that do not appear in this booklet. Some organizers of district and regional bees will even create their own competition word lists, which may contain none of the words you will find here!

Any homeschool competitor or coordinator requiring assistance or clarification regarding these competition rules should immediately contact SETHSA.

Procedures for operating the spelling bees changed in 2010! Below are the new rules which will govern how each spelling bee level will be conducted.

Support Group Bees:

  • The Group's bee coordinator will receive a pronouncer guide from SETHSA to use during the competition; it is not to be distributed as a study guide for competitors.
  • The Group's bee should initially use the words in each of the sections; as more difficult words are needed to escalate the elimination of competitors or as tie-breakers, words from the challenge section should be used; finally, additional words taken directly from the dictionary should be selected.
  • Participants & Support Group coordinators should download the following resources
Just For Fun:
  List #1   List #2
  List #3   List #4
Qualifying Bee:
  Scripps 2012
Spell It Study Guide
  Scripps Words
& Spelling Tips
  Scripps 2012
Study List

SETHSA Qualifying Bee:

  • The District Pronouncer guide words will be used initially; then, as harder or more difficult words are needed to escalate the elimination of competitors or as a tie-breaker, a dictionary will be used.
  • You will not have access to any words from the District list as only SETHSA's coordinator will receive this guide.
  • Students should study any of the word lists and the Spell It! Booklet for practice. (See links above)


  • The Just For Fun bee will operate along similar procedures to the Qualifying bee; however, the SETHSA JFF word lists rather than the Spell It! information will be the initial basis for word selection.

Houston PBS - Channel 8 Spelling Bee:

  • PBS receives a pronouncer guide from Scripps for its use in the regional competition.
  • You will not have access to any words from their list as only the PBS coordinator will have a copy.

Rules regarding each speller's opportunity to hear the words spoken, receive their meaning, their alternate pronounciations, their origin, & their use in a sentence have not changed. The Scripps rules of order and appeal will be followed in all bees.

Rules and Procedures for Spelling Bees:

All spelling bees should follow the rules & procedures that have been outlined by Scripps. These govern: speller eligibility, pronouncer's role, judges' role, speller's role, word list selection, bee format, proper spelling and misspelling, end-of-round and end-of-bee determination, etc.

Scripps Rules & Procedures

Houston's PBS Spelling Bee - Scripps' Regional Qualifying Spelling Bee

As details regarding the Regional Bee are published & finalized, updates will be posted. Please check back for updates.