Southeast Texas
Home School Association


What is a Support Group? - A support group is simply a local organization of home-school families who have the desire to share ideas and plan activities together. Field trips and group interaction are a primary focus within these groups. The government and structure of each support group varies. Membership requirements are governed by the individual groups; so, some have chosen to restrict their membership, while others have not. Most groups have a nominal membership fee used to help offset newsletter costs as well as provide funds for group activities. Groups subscribing to SETHSA's newsletter receive The Teaching Pioneer monthly, are allowed access to special workshops presented by SETHSA, and to attend periodic leadership meetings. Participation in these activities are encouraged by the SETHSA Board.

SETHSA interacts with a representative (Liaison) from each home-school support group which subscribes to SETHSA's services. This person provides a regular channel of communication to or from the support groups. This also provides the Board of Directors with counsel from the support groups. Contact SETHSA for more information, and to locate the local support group nearest you. To find out about particular membership requirements, call the local support group of your choice.

Support Groups